Mason Cash Multi-Use Utensil Set

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Double agents. 

There are classic kitchen tools that no cook should go without, and then there are brilliant innovations that every cook should consider. You can tell that experienced home cooks designed these genius tools from 200-year-old British cookware brand Mason Cash. Take, for example, this kitchen tool set (put together just for you, only on Food52). That egg separator comes with small ridges on the backside, keeping the spoon in place over a mixing bowl while you crack your eggs. It also doubles as a slotted spoon and fantastic stirrer. That measuring spoon is a baker’s dream: with measurement lines for 1 tbsp, 1 tsp and ½ tsp on the spoon head, you can throw in what you need, mix with the spoon itself, and use the handy silicone scraper on the end to get your compotes and frostings out of the jar. The stoneware rolling pin isn’t just a rolling pin—it can be filled with flour so you can dust your surfaces and doughs as you merrily roll along. Last but not least, the bowl scraper is a multi-function spatula that can be used for regular ol’ mixing, then the removable head can be used as a bowl scraper, and finally, the small spatula end can be used for frosting cupcakes and other baked delights.

When all’s said and done, you save on space and clean-up time—what’s not to love?  

Photography by Ty Mecham, Julia Gartland, Luzena Adams & Bobbi Lin