Maruni Roundish Arm Sofa

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"The primary feature of this chair is its large roundish back. It gently wraps around the body for increased sitting comfort, and it looks beautiful from behind in particular. The chair back encloses and supports you for hours of fatigue-free sitting, regardless of whether you sit up straight or slouch down. The curvature of the back closely matches the shape of the seat." - Naoto Fukasawa. 

The Roundish family of seating comprises a three-seat sofa and an armchair. Upon its launch in 2014 the Roundish sofa was awarded one of Japan's national Good Design Awards. 

The wood frame may be selected from the following: beech with a whitish urethane finish, oak with a clear, whitish or natural black urethane finish, and walnut with a clear or light brown urethane finish.

Photo courtesy of Twentytwentyone