Marina Table by Metrica, for Extremis

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The Marina table set is available without the attached seating benches to create a free-standing table. What makes this range unique is the fact that you can put together your own personal table arrangement. Marina table is not only unlimited in length, you can also extend the long architectural lines from the terrace through to the dining room, from the office workspace through to the office canteen. Boundaries blur between work and play, indoors and outdoors. Individual spaces become shared spaces, and this range is specifically designed to make sure there is unity and simplicity in your private house or project. 

The Marina tables come in four different tabletop widths. One version has five fiberglass sections and the other version six sections. When you double the width of these tabletops, you get the perfect desk and have a slot for cable management and desk dividers. Marina also comes in four different tabletop heights. There is a version for normal seating height, and another for bar stool seating height. The number of table legs increases in proportion to the length.

Photo courtesy of Extremis