Magis Cu-Clock Clock

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Traditional design gets a modern, minimal twist. The Magis Cu-Clock Clock takes away the adornments and accents from the famous cuckoo clock made in the Black Forest in Germany to create this minimalist timepiece. Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa created this clock from standard injection-molded ABS with a brightly colored roof that adds a pop of interest. Powers with battery, the bird pops out every half an hour to announce the time. The clock comes with an option to turn off the cuckoo call feature. 

Founded in 1976 by a newcomer to the Italian furniture business (Eugenio Peruzzi), Magis today continues to give modern furniture design a novel twist. Magis embraces the creativity of leading global designers (Richard Sapper, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Ron Arad and many others) and incorporates sophisticated technology and materials into every chair, table and design accessory they make.

Photo Courtesy of Herman Miller