Magis Chair_One – Set of 2

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With a vision of creating a chair that uses the least material to create the most product, Konstantin Grcic imagined a structure out of flat geometric shapes that are joined together at the edges like a soccer ball. The final result is the Chair_One for Magis, which is modeled from die-cast aluminum and acts just as much as a sculpture as it is a seating piece. Grcic went through extensive studies while preparing to build this chair, using sketches, cardboard models, and prototypes before moving onto manufacturing. With stackable, fixed, or swivel versions, you can choose from a number of finishes—either painted for outdoor use (as shown here) or polished and treated with fluorinated titanium for a durable shine. The legs come in polished, anodized, or painted aluminum—and you can choose fabric or leather cushions for the indoor option.

Photo Courtesy of Magis