LZF Link Suspension Light


Link Suspension Light by LZF, a pendant with museum quality aesthetic, and made with sustainable materials. It doesn't get much better than that. Link's flexible wood material is carefully folded and intertwined into a body of clouds that digest into each other. The fixture is well constructed with a floating form in a few versions. The achievement shows wood's high potential in lighting design and the numerous ways we can re-use it in unexpected shapes and sizes. Formally, the Link Suspension Light's design channels the mathematic theory, Mobius strips, a strip with a continuous surface on one side. 

Starting in a small studio in Valencia's historic center in 1994, then moving into a converted winery, LZF Lamps offers charming, unique lighting. Their environmentally friendly, contemporary designs are made by hand and use natural timber veneer to create diffused light with a warm, even glow. From the award-winning bloom of the Agatha Pendant to the pure simplicity of the Air Table Lamp, their products' elegant structural presence inspires passion and creativity.

Photo courtesy of YLighting