leonardo table by Achille Castiglioni, for Zanotta

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"What you need is a constant and consistent way of designing, not a style." -Achille Castiglioni 

 Leonardo table was inspired by and named after Leonardo Da Vinci. The table features 2 kiln-dried beech wood trestles with either a 1" thick white particleboard top coated with white plastic laminate or .5" thick plate glass top. The Castiglioni's also designed a similar trestle table the same year named Bramante. Leonardo is height adjustable to five positions. 

 Achille Castiglioni's imaginative forms and simplistic designs have made him one of the most influential figures in Italian design. Founder of the Association for Industrial design in 1956 and recipient of numerous awards including seven Compasso d'Oro awards. 

Photo courtesy of Hive