Leo Wall Planter by Pot Inc.

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The Leo Wall Planter by Pot Inc. is a perfect vertical, green living wall system for expansive commercial architectural applications as well as creative home landscapes. Easy to install both indoors and out. Ideal for both walls or fences. 

Fabricated out of thick (12 gauge) aluminum or 16 gauge Corten (weathering) steel. A sustainable product built to last for years, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. 

Easily maintained either in place or simply lifted off the wall surface and replanted or pruned. 

Three versatile lengths available. 33" Long, 22" Long and 11" Long. 

Comes equipped with irrigation access holes in the back and drain holes in the base. 

Designed specifically to direct water away from the vertical surface they're mounted on. Optional water tight plugs for both the irrigation holes and drain holes allow for easy moisture control. 

Video and specifications available on website. 

Large - 33" Long X 11.5" High - $165 

Medium - 22" Long X 11.5" High - $130 

Small - 11" Long X 11.5" High - $95