Lékué Lunchbox & Cutlery Set

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Double-decker lunch-packer.

You’ll be counting down to 12 pm (or 11 am, no judgement) with this genius stackable, portable lunchtime solution. With two tiers, you can pack the salad and the sandwich. Or the salad and the salad. Or even saucy leftover curry—this baby is totally leak-proof. If you want to heat up that curry, no prob—the BPA-free silicone is microwave-safe, not to mention easy to wash out at the end of the day (or just toss in the dishwasher). There’s even a slim compartment to store a set of cutlery, and a silicone strap that keeps the stacks snug while you go from home to work or school and back again. It’s like bunk beds, but for lunch.