Leather Captive Top Pewter Flask

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There’s something infinitely tactile and luxurious about the combination of leather and pewter, and that’s precisely why Wentworth Pewter couldn’t resist putting together a range of coloured leather pewter flasks. 

The flasks are adorned with the softest British-made leather, combine style and function to perfection. It’s a classic look and a practical purpose – good grip while you pour your all essential tipple! Wentworth have collaborated to produce the range with Hayley Hanson. She’s the only female tanner left in Britain to carry out the entire process herself from her micro tannery based on the family farm in Herefordshire. 

Hayley tans hides from the family herd and sends finished hides across the world to Texas, New Zealand, Australia and to Wentworth Pewter in Sheffield, of course.