Le Creuset Signature 3 3/4 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Braiser

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Nothing matches the even heat distribution and versatility of cast-iron cookware. This enameled braiser by Le Creuset delivers all of the benefits of cast iron while allowing you to safely let your dishwasher do the cleanup after you’re done cooking—no more steel-wool scrubbers! Ideal for oven-roasted chicken breasts, homemade lasagna, casseroles, side dishes and more, you'll find yourself reaching for this kitchen workhorse again and again. Ergonomic handles let you transfer the piece from stovetop and oven to dishwasher with ease, while the sand-colored interior makes it easy to monitor food as you're cooking. And, of course, the enameled exterior resists chipping and cracking to keep your cookware looking new.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom