Lavender Hand Soap and Lotion Gift Set

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Experience some of our favorites, perfect for your kitchen or as a house-warming gift.Set includes: Lavender Hand Soap 12oz, Lavender Lotion 8oz, Los Poblanos Dish Towel Lavender’s soothing and aromatic properties have made it a popular herb for centuries. 

Los Poblanos lavender fields are tended by hand and harvested at the optimal time each year to yield the highest quality essential oil with a terroir unique to our land. 

 LIQUID HAND SOAP: With just 5 ingredients, our Lavender Hand Soap gets hands clean with the invigorating scent of lavender. It works so well you won't want to run out in your kitchen or bathroom. 

 LOTION: One of of top sellers, this light body lotion is a ideal for everyday use. We use our rejuvenating organic lavender essential oil with a natural base to create this staple.

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