Ladies & Gentlemen Studio Lightscape Candle Light

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Ladies & Gentlemen Studio focuses on one of the most elemental of human-made illuminations: the flame. While mundane and familiar, the candle occupies a special place in the human psyche and the studio set out to better understand why and how it's qualities can create engaging spatial experiences. Their process began with a reexamination of the humble flame's inherent qualities gaining new appreciation for it's warm visual temperature, dynamic movement, and dramatic castings of glow and shadow on its surroundings. Inspired by the principles of Moholy-Nagy's "Light Modulators" the studio conceived of an intersecting composition of perforated and polished metal shapes which house a simple candle. The assembly's surfaces reflect, refract, and obscure the subtly flickering candlelight to create a complex interplay of highlights and shadows which cast onto nearby architecture to create a rich, dynamic spatial experience.