Ladies & Gentlemen Studio Equalizer 5 Radial Pendant

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In line with their ethos of simple sophistication and ‘playful austerity,’ Ladies and Gentlemen’s new Equalizer Collection offers a range of starkly sensual lighting solutions. The collection incorporates LED lights, which appear to float magically in the matte glass globe when illuminated.

The Equalizer is available in a standard version with monochromatic satin-colored glass, in addition to a special edition made with glass hand-blown by artist and regular collaborator John Hogan. The special edition glass is sand-blasted and oiled and specially treated to change color depending on lighting conditions and viewing angles.

The lighting system is dominated by simple hanging forms, which are designed to be scaled and arranged for a range of spaces. Given their slick, graphic simplicity, the lighting works particularly well as a divider in open-plan environments.

Photo courtesy of The Future Perfect