Knoll Straight Chair

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Originally designed in the late 1940s, the Straight Chair has been reintroduced by Knoll. George Nakashima's extraordinary blend of the organic, natural qualities of wood and clean modern design formed this Modernist interpretation of the traditional Windsor chair. Featuring natural, low-sheen finishes and live wood grain patterns, the Straight Chair epitomizes Nakashima and his craft. 

Based in Pennsylvania, Knoll has been an international leader in contemporary home and workplace furniture since 1939. Their motto is that Knoll is Modern Always, because modern always works, which reflects their commitment to pioneering vision and sustainability to help enhance and evolve the environment of contemporary life. Bringing a big name to modern elegance, Knoll offers a unique line of luxurious furniture from office chairs to outdoor dining tables that should not be missed.

Photo Courtesy of Knoll