Kinto Travel Tumbler

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A good travel mug is hard to find—but we found one! It checks all our boxes for qualities a to-go tumbler should have. The screw-top lid is easy to open and close, so we can toss this in our bag without worrying about spills. The lip on this tumbler allows for 360° sipping, so there’s no awkward wrist twisting to get to the spout. It’s vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks hot (up to 149°F) and cold drinks cold (to 46.5°F); because of the cleverly designed sip lid, ice cubes won’t get in the way of drinking. And boy, is it pretty, in shiny stainless steel or powder-coated matte white, black, khaki, or turquoise. Whether you’re traveling by car, train, bus, bike, or on foot, it’s the perfect way to caffeinate or hydrate on the go.

Photo Courtesy of Food52