Basil Bangs Outdoor Tablecloth

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Easy breezy summer textiles.

Don’t let its beautiful pattern fool you—this outdoor tablecloth is strong enough to take whatever you can dish out (from sangria spills to olive oil splatters to potato salad overturns—and all the toasting and laughing and plate-passing in between). These thoughtful designs marry style and functionality. This outdoor canvas is coated with DuPont’s superior Teflon technology, giving you a table covering that looks and feels like a gorgeous fabric, but performs like an oil cloth with all-star stain resistance (yes, you can use it indoors, too). Even better? They really thought this through: The corners have pockets for additional weights to help keep the tablecloth from blowing away. And to really set the table, coordinate with the outdoor placemats.

Photography by Ty Mecham & Julia Gartland