JUMBO ROCKER by The Brumby Chair Co.

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A Brumby Jumbo rocking chair is more than just a porch rocker - it’s designed to decorate the most elegant homes. Crafted by the Brumby family of Marietta, Georgia in the early 19th century, the Brumby Jumbo rocking chair is believed to be the oldest product in Georgia still in production. Famous for its craftsmanship, comfort and elegance, this wooden rocking chair is one of a kind. Constructed with the finest Appalachian Red Oak, Brumby rocking chairs are designed to withstand drastic changes in humidity and temperature. The Brumby Jumbo Rocker has steam bent back posts to curve around the shoulders for added comfort and support. Runners are steam bent to ensure an even rock and attached with solid brass carriage bolts for added strength. The seats and backs are hand-caned with cane from the Orient in a classic Herringbone pattern. Brumby rocking chairs are built to decorate porches in the summer and hearths in the winter. A Brumby Jumbo rocking chair is also the perfect gift to commemorate special events and decorate nurseries to rock your child to sleep. Brumby Jumbo Rockers are heirloom pieces passed down for generations. A Brumby is more than a rocking chair, it's a legacy.

Photo courtesy of The Brumby Chair Co.  

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