JK Adams Lovely Baking Rolling Pin Set

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Lovely is as Lovely does. 

Once upon a time, a pair of married bakers realized that if they wanted a bigger, more accurate rolling pin, they’d have to design one themselves. Born that day in Chicago's Lovely: A Bake Shop was the Lovely Rolling Pin, an extra-wide, super-accurate pin perfect for thin-crust pizzas, a batch of cookies, or really any other big doughy task you want to tackle. And with their smooth (and lovely-to-the-touch) wax finish, they guarantee that all that dough stays on the table, not on the pin. 

Set of 2 includes both 1/4" and 1/8" pin. Each measure 24" L x 1.75" H.

Photography by Ty Mecham, James Ransom, Rocky Luten