Insect Repelling Fragrance & Body Creme

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Summer is in the air and mosquitoes are ready... This is an ideal set for your upscale outdoor party. NoMo is a unique approach to fragrance, offering the luxury of an eau fraîche with the added benefit of an insect repellent. Charm only your own species with the fresh scents of Florida orange, Sicilian lemon, French lavender and insect-repelling peppermint, geranium and cedarwood. NoMo body crème is our ultra-hydrating lotion with the added benefit of NoMo's fine fragrance insect repellent. The organic shea butter, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen promote supple, younger-looking skin. Cold-pressed oils and botanical extracts rejuvenate skin's texture and calm irritation. We select only the finest essential oils and never use any harsh chemicals. Click here to see all our ingredients