Resident Hex 750 Brass Pendant Light

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The Hex 750 Brass Pendant Light was designed by Resident Studio in 2013, and is made in New Zealand. Named for its geometric shape, the Hex 750 Brass Pendant Light features a low-profile and a minimalist design. Showcasing a bold brass finish, this modern pendant light is made from aluminum and houses an LED light source that is concealed by a recessed poly prismatic diffuser. Whether used above a dining room table, conference table or workspace, this pendant light is an ideal solution for casting diffused, direct light downward. 

Resident is a contemporary design and manufacturing company from New Zealand. Established in 2011, Resident combines an authentic blend of craft, engineering and innovation to produce a refined collection of lighting. Drawing from the eclectic inspirations of a select group of designers, resident champions New Zealand based manufacturing and aims to find new materials and processes to produce iconic, practical and dependable products.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest