HAY Time Hourglass, Medium

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HAY is a Danish design company established in 2002 by Mette and Rolf Hay, who were driven by a desire to create straightforward, functional and beautiful products for daily modern living. Drawing from the best of architecture and fashion, HAY designers specialize in technology, innovation and color. Its Time Hourglass (2015) is a modern twist on the centuries-old invention of the sand glass or sand clock. As useful today as when first designed, the hourglass survives because of its simple design. Even after the arrival of mechanical clocks, hourglasses continued to be used on ships because of their ability to keep time in rolling seas. We don’t suggest that you take the delicate Time Hourglass on your next oceangoing venture, but it will remind you of simpler times when used at home. Made in China.

Photo Courtesy of Design Within Reach