HAY Hee Dining Chair

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Inspiration can come from anywhere, and in the case of this chair by Hee Welling, it was a refrigerator. More specifically, the wire shelves inside the refrigerator caught the eye of this industrial designer. At the time, Welling was fiddling with an idea for creating a chair that uses only one material. Altering this criteria a small bit, he added a powder-coated finish and created his Hee Collection (2004) for Danish design collective HAY. The durable powder-coated finish makes the Hee Chair suitable for indoor and outdoor use by protecting the solid steel underneath. Hee chairs and stools have been used in contract settings worldwide, including the Hoxton Hotel in England, Helsingør Hospital in Denmark and Infineon Offices in Germany. Imagine if that original refrigerator had glass shelves. This chair stacks for storage. Made in China.