Hawkins New York Marble and Metal Canister


Hold everything. 

We don’t know about you, but our kitchens feel infinitely more organized and user-friendly when cooking and serving utensils are displayed in canisters for maximum reachability. Even better when those containers are as elegant as these marble and metal ones from Hawkins New York. The heft of the marble cup ensures they won’t tip over when grabbing what you need and the metal base adds a dash of dashing. In two sizes, the larger can hold your whisks, microplane, and best-loved wooden spoons. The smaller size could perch atop your desk as a classy pencil jar or on your bathroom vanity as a toothbrush cup. 

Made in: India 

Made of: Marble, copper or brass 

Size: Small is 3 ⅝" in diameter x 4.5" H; large is 5.5" in diameter x 6.5" H 

Sourced from: Hawkins New York

Photography by James Ransom, Courtesy of Food52