Hasami Porcelain Mug - Natural

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Formed from porcelain made from natural Amakusa pottery stones and mixed with potter's clay, the appeal of the Hasami Mug lies in its tactile feel on your lips and in your hands. Compared to earthenware, this mug has a pulled-together, leanness to it; and it has a pleasant, gently organic texture than ordinary porcelain. Completely unadorned, its pure, clean lines echo the foundation of Japan's traditional shapes and forms. Its relevant contours are derived from the inevitability of function and its production process. Following a standardized module, the mugs, bowls, and trays of this collection were designed to have uniform diameters for easy stacking, streamlined storage and transport. In addition, the pieces are versatile – the tray can turn into the bowl's lid or a plate; they can be used indoors or outdoors, on their own or as a set, in a variety of situations.

Photo courtesy of Jinen Store