Hans J. Wegner CH25 Lounge Chair

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The Carl Hansen CH25 Lounge Chair is the ultimate expression of designer Hans J. Wegner's use of woven paper cord. The material is lightweight, yet exceptionally strong and comfortable. More than 400 meters of it are used to weave the back and seat around the frame. The design itself is dynamic and light-looking, with tapered oak legs and a slightly backward tilt. 

When he founded his company in 1908 in Odense, Denmark, Carl Hansen was determined to prove that high-quality craftsmanship and efficient mass production could work well together. To this day, Carl Hansen & Son furniture--mostly the continually popular Danish Modern designs of the 1930s through the 1960s--is swiftly produced by hand, combining the best materials possible with traditional woodworking techniques and the latest manufacturing technologies.

Photo Courtesy of Lumens