Rose & Fitzgerald Handwoven Palm Baskets

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Ugandan artistry.

Oversized baskets handwoven in Uganda are a striking, graphic addition to any room—not to mention darn useful. The jaunty, pointed tops (included only with Diamond and Spiral Striped baskets) cover up extra storage for linens, towels, toys, and more. The baskets are woven into coils from palm and banana leaves, each unique from the next.

Made in: Uganda 

Made of: Palm leaves, banana leaves 

Size: Diamond basket: 13" in diameter x 19" H and includes lid; Spiral Striped basket: 16" W x 20" H and includes lid; Wide basket: 20" W x 15" H. As each piece is handwoven, exact measurements may vary slightly. 

Sourced from: Rose & Fitzgerald

Photography by Rocky Luten.