Handsome Man Grooming Kit

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Grooming essentials with the brawn to clean away the dirt of any day’s hard work. 

Duke Cannon makes grooming essentials that are built—dare we say overbuilt—to persevere in the face of some seriously grimy adversity. No matter what you’ve been getting into, DC’s goods are here to make sure you can scrub it off without taking off a layer of skin too, and without leaving your wallet bare. The Handsome Man Grooming Can contains a complete set of everything you need to stay groomed, sharp and ready to get out there and seize the day.


  • Superior Grade Shaving Cream 
  • Working Man’s Face Wash 
  • Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm 
  • Cannon Balm 
  • Cannon Balm 140° Tactical Lip Protectant(2) 
  • Big Ass Bricks of Soap