Jacob Bromwell Great American Copper Flask

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In 1964, Congress recognized bourbon whiskey as a "distinctive product of the United States." As American as bourbon whiskey, the Great American Flask is the end all be all for quality flasks and the perfect luxury vessel for it. 

Handcrafted from solid copper, this historically-correct design is as old as bourbon itself and accurate right down to the American Birch stopper. And like all the best things in life, it only gets better with age.Made in the United States. 

Handmade copper flask, 9 fl. oz. Made of pure, solid copper with tin lining. Backed by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee. Product care: Hand wash only. Do not place in dishwasher. Minor cosmetic imperfections may occur. Small imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process and lend charm, depth, and individuality to each piece.

Photo Courtesy of AHA