Handmade Ceramic Growler With Loop

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In the late 19th century, workers carried home beer (often subsidized by their employer) in small galvanized pails from their local pub. The word "growler" describes the rumbling sound the beer made when sloshing around and releasing carbon dioxide that escaped from the lid.Unlike the "beer buckets" of the 1800s, this ceramic growler seals carbonation with a rubber gasket and wide-mouth flip top to keep your draft fresh for days (and prevent any "growling" on the way home). Its thick cast protects beer from heat and light and is strong enough to withstand cracking from the pressure inside. There are no machines involved in the production process: First, a prototype is put on the lathe, then a mother mold is poured to create other working molds. From there, the growlers are glazed, fired, and inspected for quality. Every step involves the hand of the maker.