Blanc Creatives Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Skillet - 8"

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Chef-grade carbon steel combined with handmade craftsmanship found nowhere else. 

This skillet is 8" of high-carbon steel cookware mastery. With a handmade process that starts with forging and ends with an intense hand-finishing to ensure every detail is right on the money, each one comes out unlike anything else we’ve ever whipped up an omelette in. And it doesn’t stop there — the medium-height side walls and open design make it great for cooking just about anything, whether you’re sautéing or searing. 


  • Forged from high-carbon steel that’s super durable and easy to maintain 
  • Pre-seasoned with coconut oil and ready to cook with out of the box 
  • Ergonomic handle that’s riveted on with steel rivets 
  • Rustic, vintage look and feel with all the performance of a modern pan