Halo Bassinest LUXE Plus Bedside Swivel Sleeper

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A rotating bedside bassinet gives you the closeness and convenience of co-sleeping, while allowing baby his or her own protected space. The side wall lowers, allowing you to tend to baby without leaving your bed, and the entire bassinet swivels 360 degrees so that you can position baby in a way that's just right for both of you. The LUXE Series includes a floor light to help you find your footing in the dark without waking your little one as well as a soothing center that includes a nightlight, three soothing sounds, three lullabies, two levels of vibration and a convenient nursing timer—ideal for nursing moms and those recovering from C-sections. The stable 4-point base tucks under beds and only requires 32 inches of clearance from walls, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom