Gus* Modern Emerson End Table

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The Gus Modern Emerson End Table has a minimalist and weightless design that is timeless yet modern. A mixture of wood grain and smooth lacquer creates an intriguing contrast and juxtaposition that will enhance a number of living spaces. The slender steel base balances the large wooden cabinet and gives the illusion of weightlessness. 

Mid-century modern design interpreted with an industrial edge. Such is the modis operandi of Gus* Modern. Every accessory, sofa, sectional, chair and table they design is inspired by simple forms and honest materials. The resulting modern furniture pieces are clean, elegant and versatile, with crisply tailored upholstery and solid, eco-friendly FSC-certified wood frames. Founded in 2000, Gus* Modern is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Photo Courtesy of Burke Decor