Granite PK-Bowl by Poul Kjaerholm

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In 1963 Kjærholm designed a smaller version of the PK-600 in granite for individual households due to the original’s popularity. This way everybody could enjoy the design from the comfort of their own home. The PK-Bowl is made out of granite and measures 15 by 15 cm and is 7 cm tall. It features a stark contrast between the polished, smooth inside and the rough outside. Whether used as an ashtray or as decoration, the PK-Bowl represents timeless design, whose functionality will be appreciated by generations to come. 

Produced in limited quantities of only 300 a year, each bowl is numbered on its base. Whether used as a bowl, ashtray or decoration, it s a testament to Kjærholm's philosophy of "making form a part of function" and offering a timeless work of art to be appreciated by generations to come.