Gloster Grand Weave 2-Seater Sofa

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Rural cues. Urban context. A new match for modern outdoor living. Pulling natural inspiration from hand crafted willow and hazel hurdles, Gloster Furniture’s Grand Weave Collection beautifully marries artisanal craftsmanship with contemporary form. Oversized, tactile man-made fibers are stylishly woven around sleek aluminum frames, creating a bold juxtaposition of texture. "We are simple creatures," explains designer Henrik Pedersen. "In nature often scale means strength and integrity and I considered this in the selection of the broad fibres used in this design. I want to inspire comfort and trust - critical parts of the relaxation process." All of the seating components are modular and flexible, and several color options are available for the aluminum frames, all-weather wicker bodies, and durable fabric cushions. Timeless and resilient, the Grand Weave Collection offers reimagined rustic seating, punctuated with a sense of luxury.