Gloster Bay Reclining Chair Buffed Teak

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Gloster Furniture’s Bay Collection, designed by Henrik Pedersen, unabashedly celebrates the art of pure relaxation. In designing the collection, Pedersen’s objective was to capture the intangible feeling of bliss – sitting by the coast, staring out across the water towards the setting sun. In turn, it was impossible for the philosophical vision not to inform the design. The reclined position of the seat backs is intended to create a sense of being at rest, and emphasize an introspective and relaxed state of mind. Classic styling and clean lines minimize unnecessary noise and visual clutter, allowing a sense of calm, mindfulness, and harmony with one’s environment. Bay’s frames are crafted from impeccably finished teak and complimented by luxurious cushions in a variety of all-weather fabrics. Versatile furniture options include lounge chairs, two and three seater sofas, ottomans, loungers and occasional tables. Whether a single statement piece or complete collection, Bay allows the style-conscious outdoor dweller to revel in life’s quiet moments.