Gloster Adirondack Chair

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The Adirondack chair takes its name from the Adirondack Mountains in New York, where it was first designed in the early 1900s. The distinctive style, with its rounded back, thick slats and low frame, has become synonymous with rustic country living. This Gloster Adirondack chair is built from premium plantation-grown teak and combines old-world style with updated Scandinavian flair courtesy of designer Povl Eskildsen. It's a distinguished, contemporary take on a time-honored classic. These teak Adirondack chairs would be ideal on a deck or patio, at a lakeside home or in front of a backyard fire pit. For an even more relaxing experience, there's an optional Gloster teak Adirondack footrest available. An all-weather seat and back cushion is also optional and available in more than 90 dyed acrylic fabrics.  

Photo courtesy of Gloster