Geometric Flat Woven Vinyl Mats

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Vinyl fever.

These vinyl rugs pay homage to the rich tradition of tapestry-woven kilim rugs, but are a much more affordable way to evoke their color and warmth in any room of the house. Consider them your home’s lowest-maintenance accessory: since they’re so easy to clean (a quick scrub with soapy water is all you need!), these large rugs are ideal for sliding under a dining room table, in the mud room, or in your entryway, without having to worry about dirt or stains. The mat is produced using cushion vinyl, which is a softer quality material that has more give and bounce than traditional vinyl sheeting. 

Made in: Israel 

Made of: Partially recyclable PVC 

Size: Medium is 5.25' L x 3.25' W (63" L x 39" W), Large is 6.58' L x 4.58' W (79" L x 55" W), Runner is 8.25' L x 3' W (99" L x 36" W) 

Sourced from: Kiss That Frog

Photography by Rocky Luten