Gan Rugs Silai Pillow

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A comfy and cozy accent for your living space. The Gan Rugs Silai Pillow was designed by Charlotte Lancelot to add its own hand embroidered texture to the rest of the Silai collection. The cover is embroidered using only pure new wool yarns, with a polyester fill adding to the comfortable feel. 

When Gandia Blasco moved into the realm of outdoor furniture at the end of the 1980s, Gan Rugs was born to carry on the brand's original focus on indoor furniture, area rugs and other home decor. Then as now, the company focuses on craftsmanship, innovative design and imagining all the living spaces that rugs can create. Based in Spain, Gan Rugs employs skilled artisans in India to bring their designs to life.

Photo Courtesy of Gan Rugs