Ingo Maurer Gaku Floor Lamp

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Part of the MaMo Nouchies collection, a collaboration between Ingo Maurer and textile designer Dagmar Mombach marrying the beauty and flexibility of paper with the latest lighting technologies. The Ingo Maurer Gaku Floor Lamp features Mombach's specially processed paper sculpted into a fluid, dynamic shade. It moves and and flows around the central mounting rod, and is given a glowing sense of animation with Maurer's artistic placement of inner light. 

For more than 40 years Ingo Maurer has created somewhat irreverent and thought-provoking designs in a method that is more exo-modern than contemporary. These experimentalist collections enliven fashion runways, monuments and private homes, giving Ingo Maurer lighting a name that resounds in the minds of the design-forward.

Photo courtesy of Lumens