Freemans: Food and Drink, Interiors, Grooming, Style

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When Freemans Restaurant debuted in Manhattan's Lower East Side in 2004, it pioneered a rustic-yet-refined aesthetic in the New York dining scene. In the intervening years, the Freemans universe has expanded to include other eateries and bars, a barbershop, a menswear line, and a bespoke tailoring service. In this full-color volume featuring 225 photographs by David Prince, Freemans co-founder Taavo Somer and co-author David Coggins reveal the creative process behind the brand and the evolution of Somer as an architect, designer, and cultural tastemaker. Freemans (Harper Design) explores the interiors of Somer's ventures; the fashion, food, and drink that define his style; and the remarkable architectural projects he has undertaken.

Photo Courtesy of Harper Design