Food52 x Baking Steel Round Mini Griddle

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A round, only-at-Food52 version of our super-popular mini griddle has arrived! 

It’s a killer combo of bakeware and cookware. It’s a natural at playing pizza stone, and it can do so much more. Put it right over your burner and use it as a griddle (the moat will catch the drippy grease). Stick it in the freezer for a while and use it as a cold surface for handling dough. It can sub in as an induction plate (but works on gas and electric stoves, too). Throw it on your grill, or in the oven—GIANT COOKIE ANYONE? The only things it’s not? Hard to clean, and too big and bulky to store. At an 11.5" diameter it fits nicely with your other baking sheets and washes up with soap and water (and will develop a darker patina with use over time). 

Arrives pre-seasoned. After use, wash with soap and water, then dry thoroughly. Season every few uses. Your mini griddle will develop a dark patina over time. 

Works on all cooktop surfaces, including induction.

Photography by Bobbi Lin/Food52