FLOS Ventosa LED Lamp

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Assertively pragmatic, the Ventosa LED Lamp by FLOS is designed by – and for – creative thinkers. This miniature spotlight travels to any room in the home with only a tiny luminaire and its power cable to take along, and derives its name from a suction cup that mounts with ease to any smooth surface from window to tabletop to vase. Reliable LED technology completes the practical proposition for a modest mix of form and function.

FLOS lighting has been crafting incredible Italian objects of light since 1962. Playing with light (and its absence) is fundamental to the well-thought "flosophy" of FLOS. Combine this exploration of light with bold experimentation in shape, material and LED technology-plus the iconic ideas of international-acclaimed designers-and the result is poetic functionality at its best.

Photo Courtesy of FLOS