Extra Wide Linen Weave Blackout Curtains

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Extra Wide Linen Weave Blackout Curtains 300cm / 118"Wide - Silver.

The ZigZagZurich "Linen" effect blackout readymade curtains add a new effect to your room. By combining the weave and effect of linen with a 99.5 percent blackout fabric, the curtains block any outside light coming in whilst having the "linen look" to the inside. This Linen blackout is perfect for any home that wants to add privacy whilst still adding a beautiful drapery to any room. Each panel is specially woven with a mix of yarns that create these unique effect.Ideal for home and office, such as TV / Computer / Video Conferencing areas and bedrooms. No light and no view transparency. Each panel is 300cm / 118 inches wide and 300cm / 118 inches high. We finish each curtain with a universal curtain tape ready for hanging directly onto curtain hooks or tracks.100% Flame Retardent Polyester 99.5%. Hand Finished in Italy. We can make any CUSTOM SIZE curtains for your home. Please email us at sales@zigzagzurich.com for more information.