Extra Wide Linen Curtains

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White Linen Linen Curtains 300cm /118" inches Wide.

We use the finest quality linen that is certified Belgium Master of Linen. This is a guarantee from plant to yarn to fabric is 100% Made in Europe. We finish the curtains by hand in our atelier in Italy. The ZigZagZurich ready made curtain collection focuses on quality and difference. Extra wide curtains bring a new look to your windows. Instead of many small curtains hanging to cover a window, with our collection you can have one curtain creating a wall of stunning fabric in different colors for your home - we offer 13 different colors in the range. Perfect in todays modern houses & lofts with large glass windows or equally at home in any location. Each panel is 300cm / 118 inches wide and 300cm / 118 inches high made of the highest quality linen. We can also make the curtains in any size you want from 1m to 10m wide. We finish each curtain with a universal curtain tape ready for hanging directly onto curtain hooks. If you need to shorten them use the tape included or simply leave them hanging on the floor if a bit too long. 100% Belgium Master of Linen. Made in Italy. We can make any CUSTOM SIZE curtains for your home. Please email us at sales@zigzagzurich.com for more information.