Eva Little Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Eva Little, an ultrasonic humidifier, uses her unique Adaptive Humidity™ technology to maintain your desired humidity level with the simple push of one button. 

With 5 output levels and a 1-gallon water tank, Eva Little is a powerful performer for smaller spaces. Her dimmable LED lights, quiet operation and automatic shut off allow you to rest easy. 

Your Eva Little includes a Stadler Form Water Cube and Demineralization Cartridge.Thanks to Eva Little’s unique Adaptive Humidity™ technology she is able to automatically adapt the humidification output when in Auto Mode. This ensures your optimal humidity level with the push of one button for easy operation. 

Eva Little allows the option for using essential oils in her cleverly hidden compartment, filling the air with your desired aroma. Use the unique Test Strip in your manual to test your water source. 

This will tell you how often you will have to change your Demineralization Cartridge