Emile Henry Ceramic Round Tart Dish


We’ve got the (pie) dish.

Whether apple, pumpkin, shepherd’s, or chicken pot, a great pie starts with a sturdy dish—one that’ll cook the filling evenly and gently, without drying it out. This ceramic one, made from high-fired French Burgundy clay, sports dramatic scalloped edges reminiscent of a fluted crust that make it even more of a delight to bring to the table (hot from the oven!). It’s freezer-safe, too—perfect for building up a pie to bake off on a rainy day. 

Made in: France 

Made of: High-fired glazed ceramic made of French Burgundy clay. 

Size: 9.5" in diameter x 2" H, holds 1.4 quarts 

Sourced from: Emile Henry 

Photography by Rocky Luten.