Emeco Parrish Side Chair

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Designed to grace the rooms of the new Parrish Art Museum in Long Island, the Parrish Side Chair by Emeco is a beauty to behold. From the shapely aluminum frame that doubles as armrests to the contoured details of the seat, this is a furniture piece that provides optimum comfort and back support. Multiple seat material and finish options allow the chair to be customized to complement or stand out in an established décor, and the chair is stackable in pairs of 2 for storage convenience. 

Timeless, U.S. handmade chairs, eco-friendly. Emeco boasts an established history that begins with in 1944 with the design of the Navy Chair; a straightforward chair designed to withstand the rough environment on a naval submarine. Legend has it, the seat of the Emeco 1006 Navy Chair was modeled after the seat of actress Betty Grable. Since then, Emeco has added new editions to their growing collection, many of which were designed in collaboration with designers like: Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison, and Nendo. The creative process behind the development of Emeco products is one that is organic, intuitive, and subtle. Rooted in a philosophy in which the search for quality design is equally as important as the manufacturing process and their environmental impact. From hand welding, to using recycled goods, to producing a durable and iconic piece, Emeco's seating ensures a lasting design found in its construction and minimal profile. Emeco is a leader when it comes to chair fabrication. Chairs admired today and indefinitely. Chairs that span generations and cultures.

Photo courtesy of YLiving