Electrolux ICON 36'' Induction Cooktop

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Utilizing the latest in innovative cooking technology, this cooktop uses induction cooking. Magnetic fields oscillate through the cookware, and the resulting friction in the cookware creates the cooking heat. 

The cooktop won't burn to the touch, and it's easy to clean quickly after cooking.The control console is incorporated in the cooktop's smooth, ceramic glass finish. Simply touch the glass as if on a smart phone, and precisely control heating levels, and also the included kitchen timer, and the Keep Warm setting. 

There are five (5) cooking zones across the cooktop. They use sensors to detect the presence of magnetic cookware, activate the induction field, and adjust it to the exact size of the pan. Faster than gas or electric cooking, boiling point is reached within minutes, and gentle heating happens consistently for perfect simmers or slow cooking. All this while using less energy than gas or electric cooktops.

Photo courtesy of Build.com