Eglo Salvezinas Table Lamp

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Simple and striking, the Salvezinas Table Lamp from Eglo brings a soothing, minimalist design that’s easy on the eyes and matches well with a range of home decors. Expressing a precisely modern silhouette, three thin rods are precisely angled and balanced like a tripod, elegantly and gently framing an opal glass sphere. A single, crisp bulb diffuses cleanly through the sphere, creating a warm, inviting glow that enchants the space. 

The start of its success was in 1969, when Ludwig Obwieser created Eglo Leuchten. Development of new markets opened the opportunity to establish more than 70 business premises all over the world. Today, Eglo is globally classed as one of the most successful suppliers of decorative home lighting.

Photo Courtesy of Eglo